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The new Fortnite patch: v8.30 is now live. Take a look at what's inside.

The Reboot Van is finally here. Spoiler alert: Epic still hasn't addressed the outcry over reverting the rules.

Let's take a look at what else is in the 8.30 patch.

Reboot Van

The Reboot Van is the highlight of the 8.30 patch. They've been added to all major POIs and allow you to respawn your teammates using the Reboot Cards they drop.

A Reboot Card will remain in play for 90 seconds, so you'll have to grab your teammate's card or dispose of the enemy team within that time frame.

As is the case with Apex Legends, any squad member can use a Reboot Van to revive a fallen ally regardless of who picked up the Reboot Card.

It will take 10 seconds to interact with the van, which will trigger a 120-second cooldown once you revive your teammate.

Spawning from a Reboot Van will give you:

  • 100 Health
  • 1 Common Pistol
  • 36 Light Ammo
  • 100 Wood

Buccaneer's Bounty Event

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The Buccaneer's Bounty event is a challenge-based event similar to what we got last season. There will be a rotation of different LTMs from April 10-15 that will allow you to earn in-game rewards.

Treasure maps have been increased during the Buccaneer's Bounty Event.

Other Changes

The Infantry Rifle gor a slight nerf. The damage was reduced from 40/42 to 38/40. On the other hand, the maximum damage fall-off has been increased from 26/28 to 32/34.

This change makes sense for the Infantry Rifle. It was a bit too strong at close range, and the damage fall-off seemed harsh considering it acted like a long-range weapon.

A quality-of-life improvement Epic made includes making hit markers server authoritative. This will prevent the "ghost" hit markers a lot of us encounter.

Some of the other important gameplay changes include:

  • The Glider Redeploy item is now sorted to the right along with other consumables when "Auto sort consumables to the right" is enabled.
  • All aspect ratios will have the same vertical FOV on Mac and PC.
  • Added separate controller sensitivities for building and editing structures.
  • Adjusted how Storm damage is applied so that players entering the Storm will have a set amount of time before damage is applied.
  • Added ability to cycle hotbar items while gliding.
  • Improved performance for Traps.
  • New separate in-air audio tell for enemies.
  • Reduced volume of building audio loops while being structures are being built.
  • Increased volume of the landing sounds of enemy footsteps.
  • Slightly increased the volume of footsteps below the player.

You can take a look at all of the changes and bug fixes through the full list of patch notes here.

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