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We've just released our Fortnite Replay Viewer! Our new analysis tool allows you to get detailed stats on all the players in your match, check their accuracy, build performance, loadouts, combat report, and even their movements around the map!

Check out an example here.

Here's a small preview:

Which Replays Can You Review?

Console and PC players can review any of their tournament event matches as we can grab replay files directly from Epic Games. You'll be able to browser through any future tournaments here and analyse the match. Look out for the replay link on a specific match, example here:

PC players have the ability to upload their client-side replay files, so they can review any of their matches, excluding custom/creative modes. Unfortunately, console players can't upload their client-side replay files to us, as they can't access their replay files outside of the game.

How Can I Upload My Client-Side Replay File?

It's super easy, you can even set up automatic uploads, learn more in this article.

Article and Manual Uploads Will Be Available Later This Week

This is the launch of our BETA replay viewer, we have more updates coming soon! If you have any feedback or suggestions on what features you'd like to see, let us know here!

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