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Today's article means a lot to me. It shares a beautiful story, a tale that deserves to be heard. Let me introduce you to Gabzera and Nutifps!

In the world of video games, diversity comes in many forms, and one aspect that is often overlooked is hearing impairment. People born with 100% deafness in one ear, like many others, face unique challenges. As you probably know, audio is a critical factor in games like Fortnite, so imagine how difficult it can be to play or compete in such cases. However, these challenges can be overcome through accessibility features, making it possible for people with hearing issues to enjoy and compete in video games. This is the story of Gabzera, an 18-year-old Brazilian gamer who has been 100% deaf in his right ear since birth. I had the opportunity to understand how he coped with this situation and how he managed to qualify for the FNCS Global Championship despite this adversity.

"I was born 100% deaf in my right ear. Although I do not consider it a significant obstacle in my life, it is undeniable that I am at a noticeable disadvantage. I am deeply grateful for the accessibility provided by the game's 'Deaf Mode', without which I might not have reached the level I have today. Similarly, the Mono Audio Mode in Windows has been a valuable resource for me. I see my hearing impairment as something that makes me unique and different from other players."

His competitive journey in Fortnite began in Chapter 2, Season 2, in 2020. Since then, he has repeatedly faced disbelief from his opponents, who underestimated his abilities due to his deafness. Over time, however, he has been able to show everyone just how skilled he is and how his passion for the game allows him to overcome any hearing limitations.

"Today, I embrace the mission of representing Esports in the Persons with Disabilities (PCD) community. I am living proof that passion, dedication, and perseverance can empower anyone to achieve their goals, regardless of the barriers they face."

His duo's career Nutifps began in 2019, but it never truly took off, even though he played alongside players like GxT and Manocaki. It was with Gabzera that Nuti achieved the greatest success of his career, finishing in third place at the FNCS Major 3 Grand Final and earning a spot in the FNCS Global Championship.

I really want this duo to do well and have a lot of success, what do you think?

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Andrea Memoli

Zenko is an Esports manager specializing in Fortnite, he has worked with two of the best organizations in Europe (Become Legends) and NA (Fusion Esports).


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