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Fortnite has provided a sneak peek of an upcoming character skin that showcases Khaby Lame, the renowned TikTok star boasting an impressive following of over 115 million on the platform. Khaby Lame is best known for his comedic videos where he playfully pokes fun at individuals who unnecessarily complicate simple tasks.

This collaboration between Fortnite and Khaby Lame forms part of Chapter 4 Season 4, set to launch on August 25, 2023. It also falls under the Fortnite Icon series, which highlights celebrities and influencers from diverse entertainment domains.

Khaby Lame recently shared a TikTok video wherein he unveils a box featuring the distinctive Fortnite logo alongside the recognizable red crescent moon symbol—a key hint for the forthcoming season. Additionally, Fortnite has released a silhouette image showcasing Khaby Lame's character skin through their social media channels.

The prospect of another well-known personality joining Fortnite has ignited excitement among fans. However, it remains unclear whether Khaby Lame's skin will be included in the Battle Pass or made available in the Item Shop. Further details regarding its features are yet to be revealed.

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