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Fortnite fans have been eagerly waiting for the next big crossover event in the popular battle royale game. Epic Games has been known for bringing various franchises and characters to Fortnite, such as Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Stranger Things, and more. Now, it seems that the next guests on the Fortnite island might be the Transformers, the iconic robots that can transform into vehicles and other objects.

A leaked loading screen image reveals that Optimus Prime from Transformers might be coming to Fortnite. The image, which shows a jungle scene with two original Fortnite skins and the leader of the Autobots, was first seen on the GamingLeaksAndRumours subreddit and then tweeted by reliable Fortnite leaker ShiinaBR.

Apart from the Transformers crossover, there are rumors of new areas on the island that are tropical, desert-like, and volcanic. HYPEX, a reliable Fortnite leaker, also mentions a game mode where you can race on the sky or the ground, and “the regular car is a new fast car.”

It makes sense for Optimus Prime to appear in Fortnite at last since the new Transformers movie ‘Rise of the Beasts’ is releasing on June 9. The Jungle-themed season also goes well with the movie’s theme.

However, there is no official confirmation from Epic Games or Hasbro yet, so this is still a speculation. Therefore, we advise taking this information with a pinch of salt until we have any official confirmation from the developers.

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