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Ninja and HighDistortion have been battling it out to become the first Fortnite player to make it to 100,000 kills. It looks like Ninja has bowed out of the race.

The race to be the first player to 100,000 kills was fun while it lasted. For the Fortnite fans who have been living under a rock, Ninja an HighDistortion have been battling it out the past few days to be the first player to reach the mark. Now, though, it looks like Ninja has bowed out of the race.

It seems like Ninja has held the number-one position on the kill chart since we started tracking stats. HighDistortion recently overtook him with force, and got the competitive juices flowing for both streamers.

Based on a tweet yesterday, though, it looks like Ninja has backed out of the competition. He said he was "giving up" on the race, with only 3,000 kills left to go.

HighDistortion retweeted Ninja so we know he saw it. The only question left is this: is Ninja really rolling over and letting HD pet his belly, or is he trying to lull him into a false sense of security? Part of the reason HighDistortion took the lead was that he was playing more than Ninja. Is Ninja trying to get him to relax?

Although Ninja seems to have acknowledged the competition more than HighDistortion has, both streamers have clearly been putting their try-hard pants on. They've been using solo-squads to farm kills, and Ninja even boasted about a 23-kill game off-stream.

As of now, HD has a lead of about 100 kills with nearly 3,500 more games played. The lead isn't insurmountable, but Ninja would really have to get grinding if he wants to catch him.

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Despite the possibility of Ninja playing possum, it looks like HighDistortion is going to walk away with the prize. Follow along with the race between Ninja and HighDistortion on their streams, or through our kill tracking page.

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