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Let's face it: some skins in Fortnite are scarier than others. Intimidate your competitors by staying away from these 10 skins.

Last week, we covered the top ten sweatiest skins in Fortnite, and I thought it was only right to look at the other side of the coin. There are a lot of sweaty skins - some even got left off the list - but there might be even more "bot" skins

Fortnite is not a pay to win game, but it's certainly a pay to intimidate game. A poised playmaker double-ramping at you can make even good players hesitate, while a DJ Yonder hopping around with a balloon seems like a free kill.

Of course, anyone can buy any skin in the game. Just because someone is wearing a "sweaty" skin doesn't mean they're any good, and just because someone is wearing a "bot" skin doesn't mean they're bad. There is a strong intimidation factor in the game, though, and anyone who regularly plays will admit this.

1. DJ Yonder

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I initially had DJ Yonder lower on this list but I had to move him to number one. This is the preeminent bot skin in the game right now and will be for the foreseeable future.

DJ Yonder has been a bot skin since season 6 first released. Good players might have used him for a day or two when the Battle Pass first came out, but they soon moved on to the much sweatier Calamity.

The non-upgradeable first skin you unlock is almost always a bot skin, but DJ Yonder takes the cake. No one is ever scared when they see this goofy llama headed their way.

2. Rex

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I'm not sure why this is the case, but bad players seem to gravitate toward the Rex skin for some reason. I have a good friend who is godly at Fortnite and he wears this skin, but that's only because he has "Dino" in his name.

Apart from him, I've never seen a good player rocking this outfit. Sorry Rex fans, but if you're wearing this getup you're probably going to get pushed without too much caution.

3. Rogue Agent

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The Rogue Agent was the first bundle-skin that Epic put into the store. Most people who spend money on this game picked it up, which means nearly every player in the game has this skin.

Common skins are often bot skins. We've been seeing them on the field for a while now, and most good players have upgraded their equipment by now.

For some reason, seeing this skin on the other side of a fight inspires confidence. Sure, they could be a good player, but they probably aren't

4. Wingman

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The Wingman was part of the second bundle that Epic released. While it probably didn't get the same amount of purchases as the Rogue Agent, it's still a widely-owned skin that most frequent players have in their locker.

This is a bot skin for many of the same reasons as the Rogue Agent. It was a perceived value purchase, and most people who wear it aren't very intimidating.

5. Mission Specialist

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The Mission Specialist was the original DJ Yonder. People who are still wearing this skin are either trolling or haven't played the game in months - usually the latter.

You might see a good player rock this skin from time to time for nostalgia's sake, but that's it. If we're talking intimidation factor, the Mission Specialist has none

6. Drift

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The Drift skin - particularly when it's not leveled up all the way - is usually a mark of a relatively new player. Those who are still holding onto this skin seem to have gotten into the game when Season 5 released, which means they don't have as much experience as the rest of us do.

A leveled-up Drift doesn't scream "bot" like some of the other skins on this list, but one with the vest and the mask certainly does. In most cases, that skin is even less intimidating than a no-skin. At least a no-skin could be faking it.

7. The Challenge Skins

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Unfortunately, all of the challenge skins Fortnite has released have been sub-par. Every time I do my challenges and see the skin I say, "Is that it?" Nonetheless, I still do them every season.

The Visitor, the Enforcer, and A.I.M. are three skins that don't elicit too much fear. Sure, the person did all of their challenges, but that doesn't say too much about their skill level at the game.

8. Carbide

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Carbide is another skin that signifies someone who doesn't' play the game very much. Wearing this skin probably means you didn't max-out the battle pass that season - or any season after that.

There aren't too many Carbides on the battlefield, but you'll never get nervous when you see one. Like all of the others on this list, you'll probably push them without thinking twice.

9. The Reaper

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The Reaper is the only tier 100 skin that made this list, but there's just something about it. This was undoubtedly the easiest tier 100 skin to get. If you recall, there was some server downtime during Season 3. Fortnite compensated us with free tiers, meaning almost everyone playing got The Reaper.

There's something completely unassuming about The Reaper skin - or "John Wick" as most people call him. The player has been on Fortnite for a while, but that doesn't usually mean very much.

10. Giddy-Up

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The Giddy-Up skin is a no-skin for those who spent money on the Season 6 Battle Pass. It can sometimes be a mark of a new player, but either way, they don't know what they're doing.

Other than trolling with a team, why would you pick the Giddy-Up over any other skin? There were far better skins to use in this season. The Fable skin, for instance, can actually be a bit intimidating.

To me, the Giddy-Up skin means that this player never surpassed level 45 of the Battle Pass during Season 6. That's usually a mark of a sub-par player.

Season 7 Bot Skins

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Season 7 is still relatively fresh, but it's easy to see which skins will be "sweaty" and which will scream "bot."

In my opinion, the Zenith, Sgt. Winter, and Trog will prove to be the bot skins. Trog might be safe because you have to be a higher level to get it, but that doesn't seem like a very scary skin to me.

I don't know about you guys, but I feel like I play to the level of my skin. I play confidently when I'm wearing one of my "better" skins, and feel a bit nervous if I'm wearing a "bot skin."

I like the idea of intimidating other players with my skin, and I stay far away from these 10.

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Jimmy Russo

Jimmy is a passionate gamer and writer from Boston, MA. He plays Fortnite on Xbox One. You can find him in Creative Mode practicing his 90's. Follow him on Twitter @JimmyDangus


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