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Pair up with a friend for the Fortnite Super Flakes Cup and show off your Zero Build skills.

Brazilian YouTuber João "Flakes Power" Sampaio has been announced as the next star to enter the Fortnite Icon Series. He joins gaming legends Ninja and Loserfruit in the line-up, alongside celebs like Neymar Jr. and Travis Scott.

This of course means a new Flakes Power Icon Series skin. His Outfit and accessories arrive in the Item Shop on Saturday, February 25, but there’s a way to get them early, and more importantly, free!

Fortnite Flakes Power skin

Fortnite Super Flakes Cup

The Super Flakes Cup is a Duos Zero Build tournament taking place on February 23. The best-performing teams in each region will win themselves the Flakes Power Outfit, Electric Crescents Pickaxe, and Electro-Crest Back Bling.

Teams have 3 hours to complete up to 10 matches, earning points for both placement and consistency. Check out the scoring system below:

Scoring System

Victory Royale: 25 Points
2nd: 22 Points
3rd: 20 Points
4th: 18 Points
5th: 17 Points
6th: 16 Points
7th: 15 Points
8th: 14 Points
9th: 13 Points
10th: 12 Points
11th: 11 Points
12th: 10 Points
13th: 9 Points
14th: 8 Points
15th: 7 Points
16th: 6 Points
17th: 5 Points
18th - 19th: 4 Points
20th - 21st: 3 Points
22nd - 23rd: 2 Points
24th - 25th: 1 Point

Each Elimination: 1 Point

Track your performance live with our Fortnite Super Flakes Cup leaderboards.


This is where you’ll need to place in order to unlock the skin and other cosmetics:

Europe: Top 1,500

NA East: Top 1,000

NA West: Top 500

Brazil: Top 500

Asia: Top 300

Oceania: Top 300

Middle East: 300

As an extra thank you for playing, all Duos who score at least 8 points will also receive the Flakes Tag Spray. Make it to 16 points and you’ll get the Hello! Hello! Emoticon! too.

Entry Requirements

In order to enter the Super Flakes Cup, you’ll need to be at account level 15 or higher (you can check this via the Career tab in-game). Plus, ensure that you’ve got Two-Factor Authentication enabled on your account before you try and ready up.

For further details, read the Fortnite Super Flakes Cup Official Rules.

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James Peskett

James is a freelance Esports writer from the United Kingdom. He has been playing Fortnite since the release of Battle Royale mode and is especially interested in the competitive scene.


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