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Solo Cash Cups are finally back for Chapter 4, but the rules are a little different now. Here’s how to win.

Epic Games staff have returned from their winter break, meaning it’s time for all things Fortnite to start ramping up! We’ve already had changes in-game, and the jam-packed Chapter 4 Season 1 competitive schedule is underway.

Solo Cups are a great way to test your skills and prove yourself to potential future teammates. They will run weekly this season, with Round 1 on Saturdays and Round 2 on Sundays.

Fortnite Solo Victory Cash Cup

Fortnite Solo Victory Cash Cups

These new Solo Cash Cups occur across two rounds, with money going to anyone who gets a Victory Royale in Round 2.

Round 1 is fairly standard. You have 3 hours to play up to 10 matches, earning points for both placement and eliminations. Check out the scoring system below:

Victory Royale: + 5

Reach Top 2: + 3

Reach Top 3: + 2

Reach Top 4: + 1

Reach Top 5: + 2

Reach Top 6: + 1

Reach Top 7: + 1

Reach Top 8: + 1

Reach Top 9: + 1

Reach Top 10: + 2

Reach Top 15: + 2

Reach Top 20: + 2

Reach Top 25: + 2

Reach Top 30: + 1

Reach Top 35: + 1

Reach Top 40: + 1

Reach Top 50: + 1

Reach Top 75: + 1

Each Elimination: + 1

Please note the scoring system above is taken from the in-game description and differs slightly from the Official Rules.


This is how well you’ll need to place to make it into Round 2:

EU: Top 2,000

NAE: Top 1,000

NAW, BR, ASIA, ME, OCE: Top 400

Track your performance live using our Solo Victory Cash Cup leaderboards.

Round 2 Prizing

In Round 2, you’ll have 3 hours to complete up to 10 matches. Wins are the only thing that matter, you won’t get any points for eliminations or placement.

At the end of the tournament, you will receive $100 per Victory Royale. This is the same across all regions.

Fortnite Chapter 4

Entry Requirements

According to the in-game description, players must be Contender League or higher in Arena to play the Solo Cups. The Official Rules say Open League, but better to be safe than sorry.

You will also need to enable Two-Factor Authentication and have an Account Level of 15 or higher.

Good luck!

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James Peskett

James is a freelance Esports writer from the United Kingdom. He has been playing Fortnite since the release of Battle Royale mode and is especially interested in the competitive scene.


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