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Let's face it, some skins are scarier than others. Here are the ten sweatiest skins in Fortnite that you probably don't want to face.

For those who don't know, "sweaty" skins refer to skins worn by those who are skilled at the game. Despite the fact that skins don't give players an in-game advantage, there are a few that are intimidating to see on the other side of a build battle.

Ahead, we'll take a look at the ten sweatiest skins in Fortnite. These are players you probably don't want to see in the open field.

1. Soccer Skins

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I'm not sure when this happened - or why - but the soccer skins have become the sweatiest skins in Fortnite. Of course, we're talking about the female soccer skins, here, as the male versions don't strike fear in the hearts of players the same way.

There's not really a reason for this being the case. The skins aren't "OG" or rare - they've been on sale several times. Every time you see one on the other side of your ramp, though, you know it's probably a good player.

2. The Defaults

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This section includes skins like the Commando, the Assault Trooper, the Tower Recon Specialist, and the Pathfinder. The default-style female skins are undoubtedly sweaty - mainly because so many high-profile streamers have rocked them in the past.

Cloakzy wore the Commando skin for a long time, and a lot of other streamers have styled the Assault Trooper through various points in the game.

We'll also throw in skins such as the rare Star Spangled Ranger and the Scorpion in this section. These skins are cheap but seem to be largely owned by people with over $100 put into this game.

3. Ghoul Tropper

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The Ghoul Trooper was one of - if not the - only Halloween skin that Epic didn't put back into the shop this past season. Since this is the case, it's still exclusively owned by those who have been buying skins since last year.

This skin is one of the only ones that shows true dedication to the game. At this point, someone rocking the Ghoul Trooper should be a skilled player, which is why the skin can be intimidating.

4. Renegade Raider

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The Renegade Raider is intimidating for the same reason that the Ghoul Trooper is intimidating. It's a mark that the player has been grinding Fortnite since the early days.

The only reason I didn't rank this skin higher is that of its rarity. This was one of the first skins Fortnite ever put into the shop, which means few people ever had the chance to buy it. Even those who were playing the game at the time - me for example - didn't want to spend money on a free game just yet. Oh, how the times have changed...

5. Season 2 Skins

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The skins from season 2 have become progressively sweatier as time has gone on. People are even going back to wear the Blue Squire and Royale Knight to show that they've been playing since the first Battle Pass.

The Black Knight has always been a mark of a decent player - or at least someone who plays the game a lot. You had to grind tiers a lot harder during season 2, which made getting to max-tier all the more rewarding.

The skin you really have to look out for on this list, though, is the Sparkle Specialist. This was a sweaty skin when season 2 was live and has only gotten sweatier as the seasons have passed.

6. Bunny Brawler

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The Bunny Brawler is another skin you need to look out for. Like the soccer skins, there's no inherent reason for this skin to be intimidating. It's been on sale quite a few times, but it always seems to be worn be a good player.

Like some of the "OG" Haloween and Christmas skins, this one might lose some of its luster when Easter comes around again. Still, it's one that can make you think twice before shooting from a distance.

7. Snorkel Ops

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The Snorkel Ops was one of the first "streamer skins" - made popular by Twitch streamer Dakotaz. Back then, Ninja owned the Bright Bomber and Dakotaz wore the Snorkel Ops skin exclusively.

We don't seem to see this skin as much as we used to, but it's still one that can intimidate you in the field. The skin is usually a mark that the person knows what they're doing, and has learned from watching one of the top streamers in the game.

8. Elite Agent

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The Elite Agent might be the only Battle Pass skin outside of season 2 that can really hold a candle to the rest of the field. Battle Pass skins are usually sweaty for one season, but end up falling-off once the next Battle Pass rolls around. The Zoey skin is a perfect example of this.

The Elite Agent, though, usually means that a player is trying. It might be the midnight camo - but this skin certainly means business.

9. Whiplash

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The Whiplash skin used to be one of the sweatiest skins in Fortnite but has since fallen a few tiers on the list. Part of the reason for this is the number of times it's been in the Item Shop. Players would see Ninja rocking in on his stream, which added to the popularity and diluted the skill to a degree.

Still, the Whiplash skin is one you don't want to be too reckless around. Chances are, it's a good player on the other side.

10. Recon Specialist

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The Recon Specialist seems to be a TTV special. These people are always running around with their beanie-wearing specialist, worshiping the high ground and coning you every time you threaten them.

Skins That Fell From Grace

The list of the sweatiest skins in Fortnite is always changing, with new additions popping up and bad players flooding the market. The Bright Bomber was one of the first of the "sweaty" skins to fall from grace after Ninja wore it for a while. Too many fans picked it up, meaning it no longer held the exclusivity it once did.

The re-release of the Red Knight made the credibility of that skin fall as well. This was one of the sweatiest skins in the game at one point, but it ended once everyone could have it.

The same thing happened to skins like the Nog Ops, Merry Marauder, and Skull Trooper. These skins were exclusive to those who had been playing the game in the early days, but now everyone can get their hands on them.

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