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After the FNCS Invitational and the DreamHack Atlanta, Fortnite players return to compete in Europe, in Jonkoping, Sweden. Also, because of the various performances in the past few tournaments, many interesting stories have been created and generated much hype. Will setty or Kami continue with their domination on LAN? Who will be the king of the High round? Keep reading the article to find out all the details!

It was exciting to see the german pro player JannisZ conquering the first victory royale of the day!

Game 2 concludes with a great victory by Robban, who dominated the match.

The third match ended with Kami beating JannisZ. He now sits fifth on the leaderboard.

It was exciting to see the TT9 player Eclipse surprise everyone by conquering the fourth game with a victory royale!

The fifth match goes to PodaSai: The French player got a high round and won the match!

Astralis Th0masHD wins the last match with one of the best plays in the tournament and ends up in the top 6.

The winner of the DreamHack Winner 2022 is: WAVE JannisZ. Here is the full leaderboard!

Author Bio

Andrea Memoli

Zenko is an Esports manager specializing in Fortnite, he has worked with two of the best organizations in Europe (Become Legends) and NA (Fusion Esports).


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