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Here’s everything you need to know about Fortnite’s new Chrome Splash item.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 is finally upon us. This means big map changes, fresh weapons, and even a new gameplay mechanic.

Chrome has taken over the Island. We’re talking Chrome POIs and a new EvoChrome Shotgun and AR, plus most excitingly, a brand-new utility item.

Get ahead of the competition with our guide to the Chrome Splash in Fortnite.

How to Use the Fortnite Chrome Splash

Fortnite Chrome Splash

Fortnite’s new Chrome Splashes have multiple uses, from removing fall damage to phasing through walls.

Throw a Chrome Splash at yourself to temporarily become pure Chrome. In this shiny state, you’ll be immune to fire damage.

While in Chrome form, start sprinting to transform into a Chrome Blob. You’ll be immune to fall damage, move faster, and be able to air dash – perfect for sneaky rotations.

How to Phase Through Walls With Chrome Splashes in Fortnite

Chuck a Chrome Splash at an enemy wall to make it penetrable. Then you can simply jump through and take them by surprise.

This strategy works on wood, brick and metal walls, as well as standard buildings. It’s a good way to apply pressure, but be aware that there’s a slight delay when pulling your weapon out.

Also, when you’re in a Chrome state, you can dash at any building piece to make it Chrome and then phase through.

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Chrome Splash Fortnite

Where to Find Chrome Splashes in Fortnite

Find Chrome Splashes in Chests and as floor loot. The new vaults are a great place to look too!

They drop in stacks of 4 and you can hold up to 8 in one inventory slot. Another tip is to farm Chrome trees, they’ll often drop you a Chrome Splash or two.

Fortnite Chrome Splash Duplication Glitch

Right now, it’s possible to duplicate your Chrome Splashes to max out your loadout.

Throw a Chrome Splash at a regular tree to Chome-ify it. Then you can farm the tree and it will drop multiple Chrome Splashes.

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