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The Chapter 3 Season 4 is arriving, and the competitive fortnite team is shaking things up with a new Fortnite Divisional Cup format, an arena hype reset at the start of the season, Late Game Cups, Zero Build cups, and more!

This is the new competition presented by Fortnite. I will help you to understand how it works

On 24 September, the Placement Cup will begin, giving you the chance to qualify in your region in one of Fortnite's brand new competitive divisions. To qualify for this tournament, you must earn the contender rank in the battle royale arena before the tournament begins.

To qualify for the Fortnite Divisional Cups, you must compete in Battle Royale Arena Duos over two rounds, with the top 1400 Duos qualifying for Round 2.
In Round 2, 200 Duos will earn their spot in the Elite Division, and 1000 Duos will make their place in the Challenger Division.

Fortnite Divisional Cups will take place weekly for players who qualify for the Contender, Challenger, or Elite Divisions. In all regions, there will be two days of Fortnite Divisional Cups per week, on Wednesdays and Fridays. For the Elite Division, Elite players must compete on Day 2 of the Elite Cups to be eligible to participate in the Elite Cup Weekly Final on Saturday evenings.

What else do you need to know about the Fortnite Divisional Cups?

  • There will be only one placemente cup which will determine the rank with which you will start playing in the tournament.
  • The numbers of duos who will qualify for elite and challenger divions every week is different for every region:

    - In Oceania, Asia, Middle East, Brazil, NA West
    10 teams will advance from Challenger to Elite per week.
    50 teams will advance from Contender to Challenger per week.

    - In NA East
    20 teams will advance from Challenger to Elite per week.
    100 teams will advance from Contender to Challenger per week.

    - In Europe
    30 teams will advance from Challenger to Elite per week.
    150 teams will advance from Contender to Challenger per week.
  • You cannot relegate a division if you do not play or perform.
  • You can play the Fortnite Divisional Cup in different regions. Still, you can only play the Placement Cup in one region, meaning that you will start from the lowest rank in the other regions.
  • You can switch teammate between Cups as long as they're in the same Division as you, but, In Elite Cups, your progress combines over both days and you cannot switch teammates until the next week of competition.

Unlike previous seasons, even considering the change in the format of these tournaments, you will have the opportunity to earn arena points starting from the first day of the new season.

The first 40 duos in victory position will get prizes. According to what has been said by Epic Games, the reason is to try and improve the quality in the final lobbies and give local players a chance to earn.

Later in the season, arenas and quick cash cups will return in this mode.

Epic will be hosting two Zero Build Duos Quick Cups per week (Wednesdays and Fridays). We will also have a weekly Zero Build Squads Cash Cup every Saturday with cash prizes available to the top competitors.

In Chapter 3 - Season 4, we will have the same arena playlist as this season.

Epic will continue offering monthly competitions with cash prizes and in-game rewards exclusively for North American and Canadian college students. They will also host scrims, third-party tournaments, and school-hosted competitions.
To secure your spot in the upcoming October and November events, register and verify student status at Verifying student status will require the submission of current school transcripts and an age requirement of 18 years old or older to compete.

This season we will not have the opportunity to participate in an Online FNCS due to the FNCS Invitational taking place in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA, on November 13 and 14.

Author Bio

Andrea Memoli

Zenko is the Fortnite manager for the renamed organization Fusion Esports, well-known thanks to his past working for Become Legends. He is 18 years old and Italian.


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