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Jump into Fortnite now to play with a classic item from Season X – Junk Rifts have returned!

Epic Games staff are back from their summer break and we have another weekly content update to enjoy.

This is just a smaller hotfix before the v21.40 patch, which has been added to the staging servers and is expected to go live next week.

Here are all the key changes:

Junk Rifts unvaulted

It’s been a long old time, but Junk Rifts have finally made a return to Fortnite. Throw one at an enemy and a giant object, perhaps a car or even a dinosaur, will fall from the sky and crush everything below.

Junk Rifts can be found in Chests and as floor loot. However, they are not available in competitive playlists.

Rocket League Challenges

A new set of Fortnite x Rocket League challenges will be going live soon. Complete various tasks within Fortnite to unlock a selection of free Rocket League-themed cosmetics.

These challenges all involve playing the RL Live Deathmatch map in Creative mode. The map code is 8205-6994-2065.


  • Eliminate 3 Opponents at the RL Live Deathmatch – Golden Goal Spray

  • Eliminate 7 Opponents at the RL Live Deathmatch – Regal Rocket Glider

  • Deal 250 Damage to Opponents at the RL Live Deathmatch – Nice Shot! Emoticon

  • Deal 1500 Damage to Opponents at the RL Live Deathmatch – Rocket League Trophy Back Bling

Map Changes

Voting for the Block 2.0 initiative at Tilted Towers is now officially closed. All three winning buildings should be added in next week’s v21.40 patch.

Additionally, @iFireMonkey reported that some users are able to see a Reality Bloom starting to appear at the Daily Bugle via Replay mode. It will likely come into effect in-game within the next few days.

Tuesday’s update also marks the end of the No Sweat Summer event. This means no more fireworks, Ice Cream Cones, or Flare Guns, and we also wave goodbye to the Lil’ Whip NPC.

Author Bio

James Peskett

James is a freelance Esports writer from the United Kingdom. He has been playing Fortnite since the release of Battle Royale mode and is especially interested in the competitive scene.


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