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Fortnite’s brightest stars are touching down in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, for the biggest in-person event since the 2019 World Cup. With $2,000,000 on the line, this is going to be crazy!

The tournament is part of the larger Gamers8 Esports and Music Festival – A futuristic experience which seeks to “bring the virtual world of gaming out into the physical realm”.

Here’s what to expect:

Top Fortnite pros, content creators, and a few community qualifiers will compete across both Zero Build and standard Battle Royale. Each mode consists of 12 set lobby matches, similar to FNCS, and boasts its own $1million prize pool.


Everything is spread out nicely so it should be easy to follow. Zero Build first, then Battle Royale.

Zero Build games 1-6: July 28 18:00 CEST

Zero Build games 7-12: July 29 18:00 CEST

Battle Royale games 1-6: July 30 18:00 CEST

Battle Royale games 7-12: July 31 18:00 CEST

How to watch

It appears that the event will have an official broadcast on the Gamers8 Twitch channel. Popular Fortnite casters including ShyoWager have also made the trip to Saudi Arabia.

Additionally, you may be able to catch your favourite player streaming their own perspective. For some behind the scenes footage, Arab is already there and is regularly live on Twitch.

Prize Pool Breakdown

There’s $1,000,000 up for grabs in both Zero Build and Battle Royale, distributed as shown below. These numbers are split between duo partners:

Participating Duos

Fans of competitive Fortnite will be very familiar with a lot of the names on this list. One of the most exciting parts about this being an international Duos LAN, is that players from different regions are teaming up for the first time ever:

Arkhram & Falconer

Edgey & Acorn

Bizzle & Dubs

Clix & Duke

Scoped & Blake

Tayson & Th0masHD

Hen & Queasy

Aqua & Veno

Naetor & Qjac

MaufinFN & Dokn

Frosty & Redlee

Pulga & Leleo

Amar & Vadeal

Mitr0 & Milan

K1ng & Seeyun

Epikwhale & Malibuca

Chapix & zAndy

Ronaldo & Kreo

Setty & Kami

JannisZ & Khanada

Arab & Ajerss

Jelty & Vic0

Letshe & Swillium

Skram & Andilex

Hellfire & Trippern

Spy & Hero

FHD & Yonx

Okis & Nutiffy

Pilky & Sjcash

Fatch & Wcarey

Mackwood & Threats

Knight & Rogueshark

Kovaaksxd & Refsgaard

Liwshe & Stenno

Badsniper & Merstach

Naiad & Unhydra

Anas & Pinq

Kakarot & Adapter

Rapit & P5ek

Draftell & Kai4u

Kal & Nm7

FKS & Balor

2x Local Qualifiers

Author Bio

James Peskett

James is a freelance Esports writer from the United Kingdom. He has been playing Fortnite since the release of Battle Royale mode and is especially interested in the competitive scene.


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