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The highly anticipated Fortnite v21.30 summer update has arrived! There’s a bunch of awesome new content in-game now, plus plenty more leaked to be coming in the next few weeks.

According to popular leaker @iFireMonkey, this will be the last full downtime patch for about a month. However, we can still expect weekly hotfixes.

Prime Shotgun

Pick up the new Prime Shotgun to devastate opponents from range. This is a semi-auto shotgun that deals increased damage when the weapon is fully loaded.

It shoots at a similar rate to the fan favourite Tactical Shotgun and may well become the go-to choice for this season. The Prime Shotgun appears to be in-game already and can be found in Chests, Supply Drops, and as floor loot.

The Prime Shotgun is currently not included in competitive playlists.

Ice Cream item

Grab a taste of summer with the new Ice Cream Cone consumables. There are five different varieties of this sweet treat, each offering different effects.

LIL’WHIP’S SPECIAL SERVE – Consume to replenish your health and shield. Lil’Whip’s Special Serve is guaranteed stain-free.

GUZZLING ICECREAM CONE – Consume to slowly replenish your health.

FROZEN ICECREAM CONE – Consume for a small amount of health and makes everything slippery.

ICECREAM CONE – Consume for a small amount of health.

SPICY ICECREAM CONE – Consume for a small amount of health and speed.

Dataminer @HYPEX has stated that these Ice Cream Cones are already available in-game. However, Epic's official blog post says that the Summer event starts in a few days, so we may have to wait until then.

The Block 2.0 at Tilted Towers

The destroyed buildings at Tilted Towers are set to be replaced by a selection of community-made creations as part of the Block 2.0 scheme. Different submissions will be trialled in-game beforehand, and players can vote for their favourites.

This test period begins on July 21, but thanks to @iFireMonkey we can get a sneak peek at the first set of buildings.


A Fortnite x Dragon Ball collab is confirmed to be in the works, and should be releasing soon. For all the new skins and accessories added in v21.30, check out @iFireMonkey’s tweet below:

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James Peskett

James is a freelance Esports writer from the United Kingdom. He has been playing Fortnite since the release of Battle Royale mode and is especially interested in the competitive scene.


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