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Struggling to keep track of who is qualified to the Season 3 FNCS Finals? No worries – check out the complete list below!

Fortnite’s premiere competitive offering, the FNCS, is back underway for Chapter 3 Season 3. In Finals, the best players around the world will battle it out for a share of over $3,000,000 in prize money; but first, they have to get there!

Qualification started this past weekend, and the first five teams from each region have already booked their spots. We’ll keep this article updated during all the qualifiers and Semi-Finals, so you know exactly who’s made the cut.

Qualifier 1 Recap

Last season’s Champion, Veno, got off to a great start in EU with his new teammate Queasy. They took an early lead and only dropped into 3rdfollowing a poor final game.

TaySon and Chapix topped the Qualifier 1 leaderboard, remaining mind-blowingly consistent throughout. On the other end of the scale, Merstach and Malibuca left it till there last three matches to clutch up, scoring two Victory Royales and a 2nd place.

Over in NAE, Khanada and Ajerss came out strong. They won the first two games, with Khanada pulling off a seemingly impossible solo clutch in Game 2. However, Kwanti and Pxlarized’s almost flawless match history was enough to steal 1st overall.

Despite Mero not loading into the Game 1, he and Bugha did enough in their remaining matches to earn a position in Finals too.

Europe - Season 3 FNCS Finalists

TaySon & Chapix (Qualifier 1)

TruleX & Chico (Qualifier 1)

Queasy & Veno (Qualifier 1)

Merstach & Malibuca (Qualifier 1)

Cheatiin & Gripey (Qualifier 1)

Andilex & Snayzy (Qualifier 2)

Trippernn & Th0masHD (Qualifier 2)

Kami & Setty (Qualifier 2)

TchypSs & Artskill (Qualifier 2)

IDrop & Jur3ky (Qualifier 2)

Pinq & Anas (Qualifier 3)

Tricked & Fredoxiee (Qualifier 3)

Keziix & 4zr (Qualifier 3)

Kiro & Jurdy (Qualifier 3)

Bevvys & Vortexers (Qualifier 3)

Refsgaard & Klown (Semi-Finals)

L0wk3y & Sangild (Semi-Finals)

Nebs & Merijn (Semi-Finals)

JannisZ & Vadeal (Semi-Finals)

S1neD & Fir3hUNTER (Semi-Finals)

Michael & AstroSMZ (Semi-Finals)

FlowiS & Hellfire (Semi-Finals)

Belusi & Hijoe (Semi-Finals)

Crusti & Packo (Semi-Finals)

NeFrizi & 1Lusha (Semi-Finals)

Fray & Flickzy (Semi-Finals)

Marco & Klinberi (Semi-Finals)

Destru & Skydeun (Semi-Finals)

Fastroki & Kylie (Semi-Finals)

Joe & zAndy (Semi-Finals)

Force & Shizoname (Semi-Finals)

Yousri & Kiduoo (Semi-Finals)

Hen & MrSavage (Semi-Finals)

Noahreyli & Rezon ay (Semi-Finals)

Jjtwo & Awaer (Semi-Finals)

DKS & Decyptos (Semi-Finals)

PodaSai & Xsweeze (Semi-Finals)

Stormyrite & 97default (Semi-Finals)

Adn & Hardfind (Semi-Finals)

Kombek & Blacha (Semi-Finals)

Gudn & Vacan (Semi-Finals)

Hycr1s & Vortex (Semi-Finals)

Karmy & Vanyak3kk (Semi-Finals)

Wox & Robban (Semi-Finals)

Karma & Japko (Semi-Finals)

PabloWingu & Swag (Semi-Finals)

Mikson & Artor (Semi-Finals)

Freemok & Faki (Semi-Finals)

Purchawa & Charyy (Semi-Finals)

Vic0 & Jxn (Semi-Finals)

NA East – Season 3 FNCS Finalists

Kwanti & Pxlarized (Qualifier 1)

Ajerss & Khanada (Qualifier 1)

Mero & Bugha (Qualifier 1)

Cold & Cented (Qualifier 1)

Death & Tabnae (Qualifier 1)

Avery & Commandment (Qualifier 2)

Narwhal & Cam (Qualifier 2)

Jamper & Eomzo (Qualifier 2)

Gold & Magnolia (Qualifier 2)

Acorn & Edgey (Qualifier 2)

Trashy & Rise (Qualifier 3)

Peterbot & Bylah (Qualifier 3)

Clix & Duke (Qualifier 3)

Avivv & Doniee (Qualifier 3)

Neeqo & Casqer (Qualifier 3)

Cooper & Nani (Semi-Finals)

Nut & Chukky (Semi-Finals)

Chimp & Spayde (Semi-Finals)

Skqttles & Userz (Semi-Finals)

Nevify & Krisp (Semi-Finals)

Paper & Lawrence (Semi-Finals)

Threats & Mackwood (Semi-Finals)

Rocaine & Dubs (Semi-Finals)

Teyo & Pxmp (Semi-Finals)

Muz & Playify (Semi-Finals)

Nyx & NicFN (Semi-Finals)

Blake & VerT (Semi-Finals)

Aaron & Naevz (Semi-Finals)

Dom & Tragix (Semi-Finals)

Twunti & Rythm (Semi-Finals)

Kwah & TabzG (Semi-Finals)

Chubs & JaxenJ (Semi-Finals)

Cazz & Whofishy (Semi-Finals)

Av & Golden (Semi-Finals)

Ritual & Tkay (Semi-Finals)

Ceice & Deyy (Semi-Finals)

Shonye1x & OmG Me II (Semi-Finals)

Costa & Zeus (Semi-Finals)

Degen & Plege (Semi-Finals)

Slackes & ClarityG (Semi-Finals)

Glace & Elitxe (Semi-Finals)

Shadow & Walkerrz (Semi-Finals)

DeRoller & Kn1pher (Semi-Finals)

F4bled_Taco & Chewy (Semi-Finals)

Brycx & Nosn (Semi-Finals)

Kickz & Sphinx (Semi-Finals)

Mason & Npen (Semi-Finals)

Nosh & Jahq (Semi-Finals)

Tahi & Bank (Semi-Finals)

PaMstou & Fatch (Semi-Finals)

Author Bio

James Peskett

James is a freelance Esports writer from the United Kingdom. He has been playing Fortnite since the release of Battle Royale mode and is especially interested in the competitive scene.


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