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Clix is unsatisfied with recent results and hopes that Pinq will help lead him to victory.

Following a disappointing 35th place finish in last season’s FNCS Finals, questions arose over the future of fan favorite NRG duo, Clix and Deyy. The pair were unquestionably elite fighters, but appeared to lack a clear Storm Surge strategy, which saw them struggle in top tier lobbies.

A split has since been confirmed, and Clix has now announced his new duo for the rest of 2022.

Having not so subtly teased supporters by dyeing his hair pink earlier this week, Clix revealed that he will be flying out European Tundra Esports star “Pinq” to compete together in NA.

Pinq is set to make the move in a few weeks’ time, ready for the beginning of the Fortnite Season 3 FNCS. He will live with Clix and some other creators at a new house which will supposedly have a “flawless” internet connection.

The initial plan is for Pinq to stay in America for six months, i.e., for the remaining two FNCS Duos tournaments. Of course, we don’t yet know what the main game mode will be in 2023, but he could potentially end up being there longer if things go well, or even leaving early if they don’t.

Explaining his decision to team with Pinq, Clix said that he realises that being an in-game leader didn’t work out, and his mechanical talent is more suited towards the “fragger” role. He added that he wanted to play with another keyboard player, and that “EU is a lot better than NA”.

To date, Pinq’s strongest placement is 3rd in C2:S7 Trios Finals. With the NAE prize pool being less than half that of EU, he will be gunning for that first FNCS title.

It’s always exciting to see how players from one region perform on another. This will be a nice little preview of a European pro competing overseas, before everyone comes together in-person for the FNCS Invitational in November.

We can expect a ton of content from both Clix and his new duo, including behind the scenes footage and IRL videos. It’s another huge win for Tundra Esports, who having only entered the Fortnite scene in February, have already left quite the mark.

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James Peskett

James is a freelance Esports writer from the United Kingdom. He has been playing Fortnite since the release of Battle Royale mode and is especially interested in the competitive scene.


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