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Elyes "Shmeky" Mekki is one of the finalists in the upcoming Fortnite Champion Series duo, with around $3 million up for grabs across all regions. Shmeky is a 19-year-old Italian player. His career started back in 2019, bringing a couple of interesting results in the well-known Fortnite World Cup.

This is his second grand finals, but he and his duo Gabix are undoubtedly among the most exciting teams. That's precisely why we caught up with Shmeky to talk about this FNCS and more!

When did you get into Fortnite competitive and what motivated you to continue?

"I got into Fortnite Competitive before World Cup. I didn't really have high expectations as I played for fun with friends. As time passed, I saw myself being better than average and making money from the game, hence why it was only reasonable that I continued to play and make it a career."

What’s your favorite Fortnite season and why?

"My favourite season was Stark Season. Everything was delightful. The meta, items and the guns were also good. I played four/five hours a day of Arena that season."

If you could decide which items and drop spots should be part of the competitive, which would you choose and why?

"Regarding items, I would say Pump, Shockwaves, Bouncers, AR, Cars. With these items, competitive will be balanced. I dislike the SMG, and additionally, without cars, everything is so RNG based on who gets zones. Another factor is drop spots, I believe that there should be a couple of more mythic POIs, as in my personal opinion, it makes the game more fun, obviously, the items should, however, should not be overdone like the Shockwave Grenade from Catty Corner as that was horrendous."

What are your expectations heading into the FNCS Finals?

"Ideally, my expectations are high; I know I'm a competent individual, hard-working and enthusiastic. Very key and fundamental traits any player should have. Therefore I'd obviously want to win however, there are big competitors, the best of the best, so it will be hard."

How are your preparing for the finals?

"I'm playing many customs, learning my drop fluently and ensuring I eliminate all mistakes before I get into finals. Building up my foundation so that I am prepared for grand finals."

Tell us a bit about Dsyre, why did you sign with them and what’s your experience so far?

"The reason why I chose Dsyre was because they seemed like a very appealing and suitable organisation to me. They've been extremely supportive, and therefore, I'm enjoying my time in this "family". Both parties have progressed a lot together."

We would like to thank Elyes for taking some time to speak with us. Be sure to follow Shmeky and Dsyre on every social!

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Andrea Memoli

Zenko is the Fortnite manager for the renamed organization Fusion Esports, well-known thanks to his past working for Become Legends. He is 18 years old and Italian.


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