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Can the Fortnite World Cup Champion do it again? Bugha and Mero seek to claim back-to-back FNCS Duos titles this weekend, in what would be their fourth major tournament win on the bounce!

Yes, the Chapter 3 Season 2 FNCS Finals are fast approaching. Get prepped with our summary of all the key talking points for NA East. Once you’re up to date, be sure to read our EU Preview too.

Catch all the exciting gameplay on the official broadcast at Coverage begins at 4:50PM ET on both Saturday, May 28 and Sunday, May 29, with six matches to enjoy per day.

Drop Spots

Would you land hot, or play it safe? Shout out to @NAEcompReport for researching and sharing which parts of the Island different pairs have claimed. Join their Discord here to access the latest updates as duos rethink their strategies.

As with Europe, Command Cavern looks to have the most bodies, and a few teams will be daring a drop at the new “The Collider” POI. Meanwhile, last season’s champs currently have Chonker’s Speedway all to themselves.


No doubt the competition is stacked, but here’s 3 duos to keep an especially close eye on in Finals:

Bugha & Mero

As we just saw, Bugha and Mero seem to have fully scared everyone away from Chonker’s. They’re also in stunning form, qualifying for Finals in Week 1 and locking in some great Cash Cup placements earlier in the season.

With cars out of the question and zones often seeming to ignore that South-Eastern corner of the map, rotations will be the biggest hurdle. There should be opportunities to pick up Storm Surge tags on the way in, but they will need to be super efficient.

Khanada & Ajerss

Despite being top contenders for years now, both Khanada and Ajerss are still hunting for their first FNCS trophies. I personally feel like each of their playstyles are best suited to smaller team modes, and believe this could be the season they finally take gold.

They appear to be the only ones at Greasy Grove, which will set them up nicely for loot and materials. Having instantly qualified for Finals at the first chance and placed top 5 in multiple Cash Cups during Season 2, the stage is set for a winning performance.

Edgey & Acorn

Many people would have Cented and Cold as the third team to round out this list of favorites, and rightly so, but come on… it’s more fun to be right with a riskier pick. Of course, Edgey and Acorn are by no means underdogs, however their choice of drop is a bit more dangerous.

A bunch of their buildings in North Tilted Towers were recently destroyed, and there could be two teams landing South. This could also work in their favour, if the two FNCS veterans can consistently make it off spawn they will be in prime position to rack up the placement points.

All Qualified Duos for NAE Finals (In order of qualification)

Peterbot + Bylah

Ajerss + Khanada

Death + Tabnae

Degen + Eomzo

Mero + Bugha

Jamper + Duke

Commandment + Stretch

Cold + Cented

elitxe + Bank

teyo + Plege

Acorn + Edgey

Kwanti + Larson

Deyy + Clix

Joji + Rocaine

AsianJeff + OliverOG

Spayde + Chimp

Scare + Walkerrz

Glace + Trash?

Threats + Rise

cobolt + Smqcked

Bizzle + DiegoPlayz

Megga + Dubs

Slackes + clarityG

Skqttles + Userz

DeRoller + npen

Milito + Igna

Brycx + nosn

Kw?h + TabzG

Avivv + Gold

Muz + Avery

Dequented + Sphinx

Neeqo + Pxlarized

Nyx + NicFN

PaMstou + Fatch

Cazz + Whofishy

Bucke + Cam

Narwhal + Nexy

Playify + Tkay

Mason + JaxenJ.

Doniee + Mackwood

Av + Edan

Kreo + verT

Ceneto + Cyriz

SIN + Acro

Hajie + susscript

Polo + shonye

Crumble + Marzz

Seek + NetZz

Voil + Xccept

F4bled_TacoTV + Golden

Author Bio

James Peskett

James is a freelance Esports writer from the United Kingdom. He has been playing Fortnite since the release of Battle Royale mode and is especially interested in the competitive scene.


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