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This weekend, the best duos in Fortnite will battle it out for the title of Chapter 3 Season 2 FNCS Champions. Aside from bragging rights though, there’s over $3 million up for grabs across all regions, so expect competition to be fierce.

Feeling slightly out of the loop? No worries! We’ll get you up to speed on all things EU, come back tomorrow for an NA East Preview too.

The action takes place across both Saturday, May 28, and Sunday, May 29, with six matches per day. Tune in to the official broadcast (now live and in-person from the FNCS studio) at, starting at 7:00PM CET on each day.

Drop Spots

Picking a good place to land is vital in set lobbies. Thanks to @fn_maxime on Twitter, we can see where everyone is planning to go in Finals. Be sure to give him a follow to stay updated as teams switch their drops!

Unsurprisingly, Command Cavern is most hotly contested right now. With so many great fighters there, including Noahreyli & Vadeal, Malibuca & Merstach, and Pinq & Anas, it’s hard to see anyone surviving off spawn consistently. When they do get to an end game, they’ll need to make it count.


Here’s three duos I think could win it all this weekend:

Hen & Queasy

Many were shocked when last season’s FNCS Champions, Hen and Queasy, failed to auto-qualify for Finals season. However, they wasted no time at all in Semis, winning the second match of Round 1.

They look to have north Sleepy Sound to themselves, which is more than enough loot to get the job done. Storm Surge shouldn’t be a problem considering all the nearby elevation, but with cars removed their rotations will have to be on point for any southern zone pulls.

Kami & Setty

Despite each having disappointing performances in C3:S1 with different duos, you can never discount Kami and Setty. Their chemistry is unrivalled, and with the new Kami split uncontested, another FNCS victory is definitely on the cards.

The pair comfortably qualified for Finals in Week 2, and have a bunch of solid Cash Cup placements under their belts this season. I’m expecting big things from the Become Legends boys!

TaySon & Chapix

This one’s interesting. Undeniably two of the best players in Fortnite for the past couple years, TaySon and Chapix booked their Finals spot straight away, taking second place in Week 1.

However, they’ve chosen to land at the new “The Collider” POI by Loot Lake. There’s an insane amount of loot and mobility on hand, so massive potential. The question is, have they had enough time to prepare?

All Qualified Duos for EU Finals (In order of qualification)

Merstach + Malibuca

TaySon + Chapix

RELLVIS + Crusti

Grolzz + Shizoname

JOE + zAndy

Andilex + Xsweeze

Setty + Kami

Vadeal + Noahreyli


Kikoo + Endretta

Hellfire + Skram

Veno + Aqua

Nebs + K1nz?ll

Raifla + Merijn

Saevid + Japko

Snayzy + PodaSai

Hen + Queasy

Eclipse + Norxy

TruleX + Chico

Floki + Clément

P?yna + Raizen

Marco + klinberi

Kiro + Jurdy

Belusi + Hijoe

FlowiS + Mappi

DKS + BadSnipR

Vanyak3kk + karmyrr

Bubak + FuryLegendary

Rifty + Flodax

Pinq +Anas

Kefyy + Mlody

Zara + DarKiizZ

Leonflares + Cookie

Michael + AstroSMZ

BenjyFishy + MrSavage

Trippernn + Th0masHD

Hookka + Zeston

Kovaaks + Zroqz

Refsgaard + Klown

Azvi + siren

Vortex + JannisZ

gabix + Shm?ky

Flickzy + kiduoo

Kicus + artor

Rabid + Fnajen

Vetle + Lotiix

vic0 + Jaxxen

Decyptos + rezon

Juu + Stompy

Axeforce + Yousri

Author Bio

James Peskett

James is a freelance Esports writer from the United Kingdom. He has been playing Fortnite since the release of Battle Royale mode and is especially interested in the competitive scene.


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