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Hitting shots on controller just got a whole lot harder following the latest Fortnite patch.

In an article discussing some of the top controller pros from Fortnite Chapter 2, we mentioned how the once hugely controversial aim assist mechanic had felt fairly balanced for the past few seasons.

Well, it seems that Epic Games disagrees. Players using controller on both console and PC have reported that since the start of the new Chapter, aim assist has been non-existent in certain situations.

Popular NRG content creator Aussie Antics shed some light on the situation in a recent video. Aussie explained that he is part of a private competitive Discord server with the Fortnite developers and a handful of prominent community figures.

“The aim assist ‘bug’ where it turns off randomly is INTENTIONAL” stated Aussie Antics, adding “This is an attempt to change the way aim assist works with certain weapons. It appears to be to counter box jumping with SMGs and ARs”.

So crucially, when using the new MK-Seven and Ranger Assault Rifles or the Stinger SMG in close quarter combat (within one or two grid spaces of your enemy), you can expect zero aim assist on controller.

These changes are especially relevant due to the “Spray Meta” of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1. Shotguns are borderline useless in their current state and diving into an opponent’s box with an SMG is by far the easiest way to pick up an elimination.

Perhaps Epic has purposely made automatic weapons more powerful while they test these aim assist adjustments and plans to rebalance things shortly. It would make sense to do an experiment like this now as the Shotgun nerf favours those less experienced players coming to try out the new map.

With console players representing such a large percentage of the overall Fortnite playerbase, messing with aim assist is definitely risky. It’s true that it has been way too strong in the past but there haven’t been many complaints lately, so it will be interesting to see if this update sticks.

Author Bio

James Peskett

James is a freelance Esports writer from the United Kingdom. He has been playing Fortnite since the release of Battle Royale mode and is especially interested in the competitive scene.


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