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Fortnite has had some unique experiences in its short history as an Esports title. Take a moment to remember the largest Esports spectacle on its 2 year anniversary

The World Cup Duos event was the first half of Fortnite’s largest Esports display to date. Today marks the 2 year anniversary of that feat. Take a trip down memory lane with me for a moment

Watch ESPN’s highlight of all 6 games, which can be found below

Reddit users on the r/FortniteCompetitive sub also reminisced on the historic event

One top comment wrote “Will go down as the biggest comeback in fortnite history. I don’t think anybody will be able to beat that” -heatyyyboi1

To an extent, I agree with this sentiment. When the stakes were the highest, two players rose up after a lackluster first half to mount matching wins in games 4 and 5

Halfway through the event, you would have sworn that either Saf and Zayt or Rojo and Wolfiez would hoist the trophy just hours later. But fate had a different plan for Aqua and Nyhrox

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Author Bio

Michael Hindi

Michael “Hindog” Hindi is an active Fortnite player and journalist from San Diego, California. His involvement with competitive Fortnite dates back to Season 5 - both on the battle bus and with a pen & paper.


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