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Fortnite Tracker Data Base is Live!

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Greetings Fortniters! Some big news to share with everyone today, as the community and continue to grow at a rapid rate we are excited to announce the Data Base for Fortnite on Fortnite Tracker is offical open. We have detailed weapon stats ready for you to dive in to and feel free to search through the endless amount of items and weapons in Fortnite on our data base. This is exciting news and we hope all enjoy the incredible detail of all the stats on each item. All data was just updated as of January 8, 2018 and will be refreshed for the most accurate stats we can get. Simply go to and use the tool bar at the top of the main page to find data base and click on it, inside you will find easy to use tabs to narrow down the search for what you are looking for. Weapons searches are made easy and will breakdown all stats and wether the weapon is common all the way to legendary. Loot searches will break down to a more focused search detailing if your looking for items that comes from chests all the way to floor drops, everything is detailed to make sure your searches are user friendly and easy to locate items.

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enter image description here As we grow each day here at Fortnite Tracker we hope to bring you the most detailed information possible and make that information easy to access. Keep an eye open for new features as they come along as well as Fortnite news and updates, we will keep you up to date with Stats and news and everything else Fortnite here at

You can also enjoy our first Fortnite Podcast called FTRchampions Podcast episode 1 right now! here at FTRchampions Podcast

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