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Clix is now trending on Twitter after he announced the status of his Twitch account

Clix was on pace to have one of the best days you can possibly have as a Fortnite player. The day started strong with a solid FNCS performance with his trio consisting of Bizzle and Bugha

The team dominated everyone in the first week of FNCS, winning the first of three qualifiers and reserving their tickets in the heats stage. It wasn’t even close -- the 2nd place team was 70 points behind

Clix also hit some incredible livestreaming benchmarks that any top creator can only wish to have. Amidst the intensity of watching a savant play in the Fortnite Championship Series, Clix’s stream ballooned to 108,000 viewers

A frustration-free day of Fortnite, winning a tournament, and receiving an insane amount of notoriety and cash from your stream? Of course there has to be a catch

And then disaster struck. A few hours later, Clix’s Twitch channel disappeared. After chatter that Fortnite’s biggest streamer was banned, Clix confirmed the suspicions and surprised everyone with news that the situation was much, much worse

Clix was permanently banned from Twitch. Well -- let’s take a step back and clarify his statement. Clix was indefinitely banned from Twitch, which means it could be a permanent ban unless the staff override the decision

The community has so many questions and not a lot of answers as of yet. It’s suspected that Clix was hit with a “DMCA strike” which is the internet’s version of a copyright strike when content creators use copyrighted music without permission

Twitch typically only hands out temporary suspensions for even some of the more iffy misconduct that occurs on their platform. When the suspension is vaguely “indefinite” with no clear reason, you can put your money on it being a DMCA strike

As a result, the community was swift to defend their cracked king. Logically, Clix became #1 trending in the US

As of writing, over 25,000 people have used the #freeclix hashtag on Twitter. Once his 8 year old fans wake up (their bedtime is 9PM tops), they’ll inflate this number exponentially

It’s unfortunate that streamers are roped into the complex legal arena that music companies and platforms like Twitch or YouTube tango in. YouTube has historically done a much better job tempering these legal strains that would ultimately end up in the laps of creators

Twitch is dealing with a historic problem with streamers using unauthorized music. Couple that with the fact that they don’t have the infrastructure to properly mute/flag/monetize the copyrighted content to the distributor’s liking -- and we are met with a crossroad

Hopefully Clix gets his situation sorted and can continue streaming on Twitch. Let this be a lesson to creators on Twitch: do not use unauthorized music if you want to relieve yourself of this existential risk

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Author Bio

Michael Hindi

Michael “Hindog” Hindi is an active Fortnite player and journalist from San Diego, California. His involvement with competitive Fortnite dates back to Season 5 - both on the battle bus and with a pen & paper.


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