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Starting on Saturday, prove yourself as a Solo and you could win a nice chunk of change!

In a blog post discussing the Season 5 FNCS prize pool and format, Epic Games also confirmed that weekly Solo Cash Cups will be coming back by popular demand. The first of these Solo Saturdays events is scheduled to take place this weekend, January 30.

Like FNCS, the Cash Cups will be cross-platform, and players must reach Champion rank in Arena to participate. The scoring system is more placement heavy than usual, meaning we may actually be treated to some intense, stacked endgames.


Reach Top 75: +1 Point

Reach Top 50: +1 Point

Reach Top 40: +1 Point

Reach Top 30: +1 Point

Reach Top 25: +1 Point

Reach Top 20: +1 Point

Reach Top 15: +1 Point

Reach Top 10: +1 Point

Reach Top 5: +1 Point

Reach Top 4: +1 Point

Reach Top 3: +3 Points

Reach Top 2: +3 Points

Victory Royale: +4 Points

Eliminations: +1 Point each

Prize Pool


Top 50: $200

Top 25: $225

Top 15: $270

Top 10: $400

Top 4: $500

Top 3: $535

Top 2: $600

Top 1: $750

NA East

Top 25: $200

Top 20: $225

Top 10: $270

Top 5: $350

Top 4: $400

Top 3: $435

Top 2: $475

Top 1: $600

NA West

Top 12: $200

Top 6: $250

Top 3: $270

Top 2: $350

Top 1: $400

As previously mentioned by the developers, Solo Saturdays are intentionally timed to overlap with Round 3 of each week’s FNCS Qualifier. This is to give players who have already qualified or been knocked out a tournament with cash prizes to take part in.

Though the official rules have not yet been published, it is likely that similarly to the Monday Trio Cash Cups, these Solo Cups will not be region locked.

Remember to check our Events tab for live-updated leaderboards and times for this and all other competitions.

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James Peskett

James is a freelance Esports writer from the United Kingdom. He has been playing Fortnite since the release of Battle Royale mode and is especially interested in the competitive scene.


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