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The Fortnite v14.60 patch was just deployed to PC, PS4, Switch, and Mobile and the servers are about to reboot. Take a sneak peak at what you’ll be dropping into this week!

The v14.60 patch is having a rough start after Xbox servers accidentally deployed the update prematurely. Players on Xbox have had access to the newest patch for the past 4 hours, while the rest of us are just starting our updates

Regardless, there’s some new cosmetics and behind-the-scenes developments that point to a progressing storyline. We’ll be breaking down all of the cool things to come out of this patch -- so you won’t be surprised

Skin Bundles

Skin bundles have been a cheaper way to buy multiple in-game cosmetics that are all related in some way. New skin bundles yet to break into the item shop have been revealed in the recent patch… but they’re not what you’d expect

Creators like Benjyfishy and NickEh30 will be featured in the item shop with their preferred skin combos. This includes a myriad of existing skins that might not belong to the same set, but look cool together nevertheless

The release dates for these two bundles are still unclear. We’ll keep you posted when more information is revealed

Galactus Event

The planned Season 4 end date is less than two weeks away -- November 30th to be exact. As a result, players are preparing for a grand and bombastic end to the historic Marvel Cinematic Universe crossover

Previous leaks suggest the season’s event, code name Galactus, will transition us into Season 5 with all the winter has to entail. New textures were added in this patch, found by iFireMonkey

New game file leaks (SPOILER ALERT) suggest that there might be some more possible downtime after the event similar to the Black Hole segway into Chapter 2. The string read "To be continued! In Season 5!"

Save The World files updated with a string that read "All hands! All hands! We're picking up some strange anomalies on the Battle Royale Island. Let's hunker down until this blows over. -Ray". This message is identical to when the Black Hole event took place

We also saw textures added that resemble the apex of a black hole

Could this be a part of the story? We’ll find out in due time

New creative matchmaking

In a content creator update emailed to all Support-A-Creator verified players, Epic mentioned that they’d be adding even more possibilities for creative map builders

”We’ve added new matchmaking portals to the Creative Hub powered by you - the community! Ranked according to the most popular and fastest growing creator-made islands, these portals showcase genres like Combat, Variety Games, and Practice matches. Jump in and discover the best of Creative.”

”We’re also adding a new Creative LTM which cycles through a playlist of popular community-made games. Content will be rotated in regularly, so check back every few days for new experiences!”

“Fishy Mansion hide & seek” will be one of the first LTM’s to cycle through, according to iFireMonkey

Hopefully we see a return to Zone Wars and a potential Box Fight debut. Those two are definitely fan favorites

While there isn’t much eye catching content that was released in this update, we can see that the groundwork is being laid out for something much, much bigger in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

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Author Bio

Michael Hindi

Michael “Hindog” Hindi is an active Fortnite player and journalist from San Diego, California. His involvement with competitive Fortnite dates back to Season 5 - both on the battle bus and with a pen & paper.


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