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World renowned Team SoloMid is going tit-for-tat against NRG’s Fortnite talent after adding Ops to their roster

The world of Fortnite is alive and well as the two most notable Esports teams take shots at one another through talent acquisition. We’re talking about the ongoing saga between Team SoloMid and NRG

We reported the most notable free agent pickup in the month of August to be Ronaldo, who ended up in the hands of NRG. The standout competitive and content creator hybrid is now in a content house with some of his closest friends including Clix, UnknownArmy, and Edgey

Today was TSM’s turn to fire back for a second time. On August 11th, the former half of the Saf and Zayt dream duo joined TSM. Zayt is a longtime member of NRG which makes for a very iconic form of irony

After what seemed to be a fairly long free agent process, Ops just announced he will be repping the white and black in the upcoming season of competitive Fortnite. TSM locked up another winner to the roster

Ops is a big pickup for TSM because of his influence in the competitive Fortnite community. He is very close friends with Clix and UnknownArmy in particular who both offer a lot to the NRG Fortnite division. If you stuck Ops in the same house as those two, NRG would be a clear frontrunner as the most “stacked” Fortnite team

On the other hand, Ops is closely aligned with Khanada who joined TSM in March. It didn’t come as a huge surprise that Ops joined TSM as the only other team that would make sense from a culture standpoint is NRG

Check out the player preview TSM made for Ops:

The current TSM Fortnite team is looking pretty dangerous right now. Here’s the entire competitive lineup:

  • Slappie
  • Commandment
  • ZexRow
  • EmadGG
  • MackWood
  • Khanada
  • Saf
  • Ferrrnando
  • Ops

Both NRG and TSM have, by far, the most stacked competitive teams in the world. I’d suggest Faze as a solid third but the clan will continue to fall behind as NRG and TSM continue investing heavily in Fortnite

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Author Bio

Michael Hindi

Michael “Hindog” Hindi is an active Fortnite player and journalist from San Diego, California. His involvement with competitive Fortnite dates back to Season 5 - both on the battle bus and with a pen & paper.


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