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Epic heard from us; now they’re taking action. Aim assist will receive a major change next week

In a recent creator update, Epic teased an aim assist change for the next patch notes. An email was sent out to all support-a-creator approved accounts. Here’s the relevant snippet:

Next Week: PC Controller Adjustments

Controller tweaking, tuning, and investigation continues. We have some changes for next steps, but we don't want to release right before the FNCS Invitational Finals.

- The Fortnite Team


While we can’t pinpoint the exact reason for Epic’s shifted perspective, we can conclude that top influencers had some say on the matter. Take Ninja as a relevant example

Ninja was playing a casual game of League of Legends when one of his fans pointed out that he hasn’t played Fortnite in a good while. Looking at Ninja’s past Mixer broadcasts, you’d have to scroll a good deal just to get to his last Fortnite stream


In response, Ninja stated that it was the state of Fortnite alongside a new selection of games that has slowly pushed him away. “I really just want that controller aim assist on PC’s balanced. People use controller - you’d be surprised - and the aim assist functions much better and much stronger because of 240 hertz,” vented a frustrated gamer

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Ninja isn’t the only top creator who’s burnt out of Fortnite. Surprisingly, we have to add Tfue to this exclusive list. Tfue has been one of Fortnite’s most loyal streamers, broadcasting almost exclusively Fortnite content over the past two years. Even when everyone was trying out Apex Legends and (more recently) Valorant, Tfue stuck to his golden goose

But the golden goose’s egg just cracked this weekend. Tfue started streaming Warzone and it seems like he is really enjoying gaming once again

Tfue gives off similarly frustrated vibes that Ninja expressed earlier on. “No I didn’t quit Fortnite I just think the game is super unfair atm and wanted to take a break,” Tfue later added in another tweet

If you’re involved with the Fortnite Twittersphere to any extent, you already know Ninja and Tfue aren’t the only vocal advocates for reducing the brokenness of aim assist. The higher you go up the competitive “totem pole,” the more complaining you’ll see (for good reason)

Aim assist has always proven to be an unsolvable arguing point within the competitive scene. Controller players obviously want to defend their best interests, while keyboard players are growing increasingly frustrated

While controller players make up the majority of the playerbase, keyboard players make up a majority of the top influencers. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be… hopefully Epic can live by this motto when next week’s aim assist adjustment is implemented

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Michael Hindi

Michael “Hindog” Hindi is an active Fortnite player and journalist from San Diego, California. His involvement with competitive Fortnite dates back to Season 5 - both on the battle bus and with a pen & paper.


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