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Yes, a whole lemon - peel and everything. All because Yung Calculator qualified for the Solo FNCS grand finals

The saga begins exactly nine days ago. Reddit’s hub for competitive Fortnite content, r/FortniteCompetitive, is on yet another anti-Yung Calculator hate tirade. For those unaware, the duo World Cup qualifier and Season X champion Yung Calculator has quite an explosive personality. This means you’ll either love him or hate him

And Reddit user u/tupacalypse650 was on the “hate” side in this scenario. The dude wasn’t fond of Yung Calculator, so much so that he was willing to make a bet that the 14 year old prodigy was not going to qualify for Solo FNCS Finals. The punishment? Eating a whole lemon - peel, seeds, and everything in between


The post instantly garnered upvotes and the bet was on. Yung Calc even acknowledged this wager on Twitter - and the stage was set. Week two of the Solo FNCS Invitational wrapped up last night and Yung Calc didn’t disappoint his fans

He absolutely smashed the leaderboards and placed within the top 25


image courtesy of FortniteTracker (us, lol)

In 18 games, Yung Calc racked up some major points. He even copped a victory royale for the bragging rights. More importantly, Yung Calc guaranteed his spot in the grand finals

… And most importantly, Yung Calc didn’t forget his little friend


Oh how gratifying must that feel. “Eat a lemon, go on now” is all Yung Calc had to say. After all, Calc’s performance did all the talking for him

A day later and u/tupacalypse650 delivered on his word. Slicing an underripe lemon into four equal quarters, he would down it all in less than 2 minutes. Impressively fast if you ask me!


While there was some previous animosity between the two, it seems as though some mutual respect was built over that lemon. Yung Calc responded to the thread by saying “respect”

Later in the video, u/tupacalypse650 made yet another bet with Yung Calc. You would think that he learned his lesson at this point? Guess not. Well, the bet is that he would eat two bananas with the peel on if Yung Calc won the Solo FNCS Finals

Yung Calc quickly agreed to that new proposition, commenting “I can’t wait for what you said at the end, see you Sunday night.” It’s interesting to note that if Yung Calc wins FNCS, not only would lemon boy have to add a couple of bananas to his arsenal, Yung Calc would also become the only player to outright win multiple Championship Series events

Calc, the pressure sure is on this weekend

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Author Bio

Michael Hindi

Michael “Hindog” Hindi is an active Fortnite player and journalist from San Diego, California. His involvement with competitive Fortnite dates back to Season 5 - both on the battle bus and with a pen & paper.


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