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Remote Explosives have been nerfed in Arena and tournament playlists following a month-long outcry from the competitive community.

Somehow, we are already four weeks deep into Fortnite’s twelfth season. Since the beginning of this secret agent themed instalment, competitive players have been begging Epic Games to do something about C4.

Although a straight removal of Remote Explosives from competitive modes was probably what most people wanted, I’m sure the news of a nerf will be very welcomed. Fortnite leaker @HYPEX reported on Twitter, “C4’s just got nerfed again with a hotfix”.

The C4 spawn rate from supply drops, floor loot and chests has been halved, and you will now only pick up one at a time rather than a stack of three. Importantly, these changes will only affect competitive playlists, and for now C4 will remain the same in standard game modes.

Whilst this may not be exactly what some pros were after, this will most likely make a huge difference to the C4 issue. Remote Explosives are most effective when covering an enemy’s box with a large amount, and with the chances of finding a full stack so much lower now, people will avoid using an inventory slot on the item.

Author Bio

James Peskett

James is a freelance Esports writer from the United Kingdom. He has been playing Fortnite since the release of Battle Royale mode and is especially interested in the competitive scene.


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